1926 Model T Coupe – ‘Pinky’







This car was quite the project for me, I purchased this partially restored Model T from a party in Indiana, and was quite pleased at what I received for my money: the paint, engine, wiring and frame had been completely restored by ‘Grampa,’ and then when Grampa died, the widow stored the car for about 25 years and then decided to part with Grampa’s pride and joy and the guy I bought it from sat on it for maybe 5 years before getting rid of it.

This was the best looking car to date that I had completed, one of my favorites.  I named it ‘Pinky’ because the burgundy color appeared pink to me in the Ebay photos that the previous owner posted.  My daughter renamed it ‘Christine’, but I still called it Pinky.

By oldmotorsguy