1923 Ford Model TT 1-ton wrecker – sold

1923 Ford Model TT 1-ton wrecker, recently restored, many new/refurbished components to include:

  • newly installed piston rings, adjusted bearings, valves lapped
  • new magneto (was missing when truck was purchased)
  • new ignition system- new Anderson timer, new wiring, reconditioned coil and coil box
  • new front Firestone 30×3.5 tires, new Lucas 6.00-20 rear tires
  • new radiator
  • new brass steering spider with varnished steering wheel
  • new interior upholstery including vinyl seat covers
  • newly installed safety glass windshield, side windows on doors
  • newly rebuilt carburetor
Truck starts and runs well on both battery and magneto, 3-ton Weaver auto crane functions well, is anchored to the frame and has 1,200 pound lifting capacity.  2-speed Howe transmission allows for ultra low gearing, facilitating ease of operation on work site and easy loading of truck onto trailer.  Minor imperfections in the paint on the wood body and sheet metal do not detract from the overall great look of this nearly century old vehicle.  
By oldmotorsguy

1923 Ford Model T Touring – sold

1923 Ford Model T Touring recently restored.  New/refurbished major components include:


  • new interior upholstery
  • new B.F. Goodrich whitewall tires, including side mounted spare
  • new radiator
  • new 6V battery
  • new front wooden spokes
  • all four coils and coil box refurbished and tuned
  • new timer
  • new wiring
  • gas tank cleaned and sealed
Drives and runs good, on both battery and magneto.  Tires including side mounted spare are in good condition, all four drive tires are relatively fresh, no age cracks.   Exterior paint is good, with a few minor imperfections here and there, but shines up very well.  All components work a they should, ready for touring, needs nothing.
By oldmotorsguy

1924 Ford Model T Touring – sold

Recently restored 1924 Ford Model T Touring,, runs excellent on both battery and magneto and shows very well. Needs nothing except a driver, many items recently upgraded/restored:

    • generator rebuilt
    • fresh battery
    • new top canvas, reworked top irons
    • freshly added magneto (was missing when I bought the car)
    • new floor boards
    • rod and main bearings adjusted
    • new head gasket
    • new exhaust system (new exhaust pipe and muffler)
    • fresh emergency brakes
    • new kick panels and door cards
    • new radiator
    • new Anderson timer
    • all new wiring harnesses
    • many more min

or items too numerous to list

By oldmotorsguy