1918 Buick Model E-Six-45 – SOLD

1918 Buick E-Six-45 Touring car, very good condition.  Powerful 6 cylinder engine (for the day), three speed manual transmission with reverse.  Runs and drives nicely, starts right up and idles smoothly.  No odd noises, visible emissions, very sound mechanically.  Good brakes, cooling and charging systems, has mostly all original components.  The original vacuum fuel pump works only marginally, and accordingly an electric fuel pump with fuel regulator has been added for reliability.  All gauges work, and the car has good tires and upholstery and a spare tire in excellent condition.  The older top while not perfect is in good condition, was well fitted and looks good.  All lights, horn and generator operate within expected parameters.  
The 242 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine produces 60 HP and has been well maintained..  It has an auxiliary air compressor on the passenger side of the engine which is engaged with a sliding sprocket. 

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1956 Ford Thunderbird – sold

Original components throughout except for the perishable parts such as upholstery, tires, hoses, etc, very nice restoration finished several years ago with newer mechanical rebuild of engine/exhaust, this 1956 Ford Thunderbird is in excellent aesthetic and mechanical condition. Has hard and soft tops, power windows and seats, power steering and brakes, factory A/C and is in generally great condition inside and out. Nearly all of the original components are still on the car, including the vacuum operated windshield wipers. From what I can see after having owned the car for a only a short time, this car was driven in the past by the owner in Aurora, Oregon, but in the last decade or two has seen limited road time. Accordingly, the amenities and details are in pristine condition and this car is a very attractive driver. Not a ‘points car’, but certainly scores high in most areas.

The original Town & Country radio is still in place, vacuum tubes and all, but is not functional, as is the original clock, also not working. The speedometer wiggles a bit at speeds, but the odometer is accurate. There are some paint flaws, but the few that are present do not detract from the general excellent appearance of the car.

SALE OF THIS CAR IS ON AN ‘AS IS, WHERE IS’ BASIS. No warranty of any kind is offered on this antique vehicle.

Vehicle is currently located in Dekalb, Illinois. Please allow 7 to 10 working days after full payment has been verified and secure in seller bank account prior to scheduled transport to ultimate buyer location. The sole governing documents of this sale are this eBay listing and its terms herein, a Bill of Sale provided by seller and the valid state title to a motor vehicle.

NOTES: Title will not be provided to the buyer until all funds have cleared seller’s bank. Buyer must take possession of the car within 10 days of the final payment clearing seller’s bank. If the car is not picked up by this time, seller will store the car at buyer’s expense for $200 per month or any part of a month, any storage payment due must be paid in full prior to pick up of the car or transfer of the title.

Trades: if you feel you have something of equal value that you would like to trade, you should sell it and then use the proceeds to offer a cash transaction for this vehicle. In other words, I am not interested in trades of any kind whatsoever, so please don’t ask.

IMPORTANT: Please schedule any vehicle inspections PRIOR to purchasing this antique vehicle. No offers will be entertained subject to inspection and renegotiation of the price after the offer has been duly accepted. No exceptions, sorry. Please note payment instructions above. NO CASH, NO MONEY ORDERS, NO CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS will be accepted. Wire transfers will be accepted but all fees involved in buyer sending and seller receiving the funds will be paid by the buyer, and my bank charges me $35.00 for incoming wires.

Price: $33,245

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1922 Chevrolet Model 490 Touring – SOLD

1922 Chevrolet Model 490 Touring car, recently restored. Previous owner kept this car garaged in the Riverside, California area for many decades, and accordingly it is rust free and in great condition. Upholstery is in great shape, and the car is in excellent condition for a 99 year old vehicle and nearly all original. Runs very well, does not smoke, knock or make funny noises. Paint is good, with a few imperfections here and there but the flaws in the paint do not detract from the generally nice overall condition of the car. Please note that the 1922 Illinois front and back license plates in the photos are not included in this sale, I will remove those from the car upon its sale.
New and/or reconditioned components include:

  • New vinyl Colonial textured top and rear canvas
  • New oil pump
  • New carburetor
  • Four new All-White Lucas 3.5″ x 30″ 4-ply tires
  • Re-varnished wood spokes
  • Re-conditioned and re-sealed gas tank
  • New gas lines and fuel filter
  • New radiator hoses, upper and lower
  • New rubber mats on floors and running boards
  • Fresh tune up to include plugs and spark plug wires
  • New 6 volt battery
  • Reconditioned ignition switch
  • Reconditioned headlights and wiring
  • Front wheel bearings re-packed with fresh axle grease
  • Complete lube job, front to back.
  • Fresh fluids to include transmission oil and antifreeze
  • Many new/refurbished minor components, too many to list

By oldmotorsguy

1959 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon – sold

1959 Jaguar Mark 9 (MK IX) Saloon, 3.8 Liter 6 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, fairly original condition as far as I can determine, although I am not an authority on Jaguars. This luxury car was originally titled in England, and I understand after talking with a UK loyal subject that the Queen Mother (he called her the Queen Mum) used to own one of these 1959 Mark 9 Jaguars, perhaps this one? This particular car found its way into the inventory of the Frank Dale and Stepsons dealership in London which primarily sells Rolls Royce and Bentley luxury automobiles, and this luxury Jaguar saloon at the time fit right into those ranks. Frank Dale and Stepsons was doing business at the time this car was sold in London at their Farm Lane facility and was operating at this location between 1972 and 1986 (plate in photo). No records show where the car was located after that point, but contact with Frank Dale & Stepsons (still in business) may yield some additional information. At some point between 1972 and 1999, this right-hand drive car was imported into the United States presumably from the United Kingdom, and the next records I have indicate that new Firestone whitewall tires were purchased for the car from Coker Tire Co. in February of 1999 when the car was running in the Los Angeles, CA area, where it remained until October 2019. The car is now located in DeKalb, Illinois.
Additional work as detailed on the included receipts was done on the car in May and June, 2010 at odometer reading 69,692 (appears to be original mileage) to include:

replacement fuel pump
valve job
head gasket
ignition tune up

Since this work was done, the car was driven an additional 732 miles , and then parked. The odometer currently reads 70,424 miles. The car has not run since approximately late 2010 or perhaps into 2011 or 2012 would be my best guess (8 years +/-), and the California plates have a 2012 registration sticker on them. All of the original factory components remain on the car, to include all the interior wood, exterior chrome and stainless steel trim. Era correct ACE raised aluminum letters/numbers licence plates are also on the car currently, although the California legal plates are also included (shipped loose). There is no battery installed in the car currently, and the engine will not turn over. The car is in need of work, to include getting it running and interior work such as the head liner and carpet which is torn in places in addition to other concerns on this antique luxury vehicle.

By oldmotorsguy

1931 Chrysler CM6 4-door sedan – sold

1931 Chrysler CM6 4-door sedan 6-cylinder, excellent condition, fresh upholstery, recent exhaust pipe/muffler, fresh BF Goodrich whitewall tires/spare, fresh carburetor/fuel pump/brake lines/ new 6-volt battery, in great mechanical and aesthetic excellent condition..
Runs great, gauges work, all glass intact/window regulators work well, steers straight with no play in the steering, brakes straight, clear title, some paint imperfections but they do not detract from the overall great condition of this 88-year old antique beauty.

By oldmotorsguy

1923 Ford Model TT 1-ton wrecker – sold

1923 Ford Model TT 1-ton wrecker, recently restored, many new/refurbished components to include:

  • newly installed piston rings, adjusted bearings, valves lapped
  • new magneto (was missing when truck was purchased)
  • new ignition system- new Anderson timer, new wiring, reconditioned coil and coil box
  • new front Firestone 30×3.5 tires, new Lucas 6.00-20 rear tires
  • new radiator
  • new brass steering spider with varnished steering wheel
  • new interior upholstery including vinyl seat covers
  • newly installed safety glass windshield, side windows on doors
  • newly rebuilt carburetor
Truck starts and runs well on both battery and magneto, 3-ton Weaver auto crane functions well, is anchored to the frame and has 1,200 pound lifting capacity.  2-speed Howe transmission allows for ultra low gearing, facilitating ease of operation on work site and easy loading of truck onto trailer.  Minor imperfections in the paint on the wood body and sheet metal do not detract from the overall great look of this nearly century old vehicle.  
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1923 Ford Model T Touring – sold

1923 Ford Model T Touring recently restored.  New/refurbished major components include:


  • new interior upholstery
  • new B.F. Goodrich whitewall tires, including side mounted spare
  • new radiator
  • new 6V battery
  • new front wooden spokes
  • all four coils and coil box refurbished and tuned
  • new timer
  • new wiring
  • gas tank cleaned and sealed
Drives and runs good, on both battery and magneto.  Tires including side mounted spare are in good condition, all four drive tires are relatively fresh, no age cracks.   Exterior paint is good, with a few minor imperfections here and there, but shines up very well.  All components work a they should, ready for touring, needs nothing.
By oldmotorsguy

1924 Ford Model T Touring – sold

Recently restored 1924 Ford Model T Touring,, runs excellent on both battery and magneto and shows very well. Needs nothing except a driver, many items recently upgraded/restored:

    • generator rebuilt
    • fresh battery
    • new top canvas, reworked top irons
    • freshly added magneto (was missing when I bought the car)
    • new floor boards
    • rod and main bearings adjusted
    • new head gasket
    • new exhaust system (new exhaust pipe and muffler)
    • fresh emergency brakes
    • new kick panels and door cards
    • new radiator
    • new Anderson timer
    • all new wiring harnesses
    • many more min

or items too numerous to list

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1921 Dodge Brothers Touring – sold

This is a 1921 Dodge Brothers Touring car, a beautiful recent restoration and has excellent gloss black exterior paint and black and tan interior upholstery, also very well appointed.  Engine runs great, has aluminum pistons, fresh tune up components (rotor, cap, coil, spark plug wires, spark plugs, fan belt, etc.).  All three forward gears shift smoothly, clutch operates nicely and the gauges all function normally.  The 33″ tires have some age cracks but have excellent tread, to include a fully aired up spare tire.  All original with only a handful of exceptions, and the brakes work great and it cools well.  A very nice original car.

1921 Dodge Bros Touring carIMG_0817IMG_0827IMG_0829

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