1918 Buick Model E-Six-45 – SOLD

1918 Buick E-Six-45 Touring car, very good condition.  Powerful 6 cylinder engine (for the day), three speed manual transmission with reverse.  Runs and drives nicely, starts right up and idles smoothly.  No odd noises, visible emissions, very sound mechanically.  Good brakes, cooling and charging systems, has mostly all original components.  The original vacuum fuel pump works only marginally, and accordingly an electric fuel pump with fuel regulator has been added for reliability.  All gauges work, and the car has good tires and upholstery and a spare tire in excellent condition.  The older top while not perfect is in good condition, was well fitted and looks good.  All lights, horn and generator operate within expected parameters.  
The 242 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine produces 60 HP and has been well maintained..  It has an auxiliary air compressor on the passenger side of the engine which is engaged with a sliding sprocket. 

By oldmotorsguy

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