1919 Ford Model T Touring

SOLD – 1919 Ford Model T Touring.  This car was dubbed “Cynthia”1185 by my daughter, but more aptly named ‘Barney’ by me, since most of its life to date has been spent in a barn or two.  I started with a pretty rough looking car with rough sheet metal simply wired to the frame, no seats, top irons and the wrong size radiator (high instead of low), but whose engine was rebuilt but never run in the early 1970s by two owners ago.  I obtained this car from a party in Minnesota who bought it from the heir of the rebuilder in 2011, and have been working part 1919 Model T - further progress 001time to assemble this car back to its former glory.  Primary work to date includes much new body wood, new front and rear heel panels, new  Ford logo floor mats, reconditioned gas tank, new sediment bulb and gas lines, new brake lining, new splash aprons, new safety glass, new radiator and radiator hoses, refurbished oil lanterns,  recondtioined electrical igntion system to include (4) coils and dash panel by Bob Stauffer of Shaumburg, Illinois.  Also added were new Firestone tires and tubes, new Kevlar transmission band linings, new motometer with dogbone, new cowl and radiator lacing, rebuilt rear end, reconditioned spare tire rack and spare tire with tube and vinyl Ford logo cover, rebuilt front end, new hubcaps, new floor boards, new wiring, new front and rear upholstery including kick panels, new top irons and top and fresh gloss black paint, although the paint job is not quite up to Pebble Beach showroom standards.  At least it’s black and shiney, like Henry Ford liked it.

1919 Model T Ford - Barney in progress 0011919 Model T with top bows 002

Completion date: April 29, 1919 Ford Model T - Barney in black 005 2013.

NOT INCLUDED with sale: luggage rack and antique leather luggage, 1919 Illinois license plate, side bulb horn

By oldmotorsguy

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