1924 Ford Model TT – one ton tanker truck – sold

1924 Ford Model TT tanker eBay photos 0031924 Ford Model TT one ton tanker truck, great condition, runs excellent, with Ruckstell rear end along with standard Model T planetary transmission.

When I purchased this truck, it arrived in good condition as it appeared from 10 feet, but upon close and thorough mechanical inspection, a great many undisclosed problems, shortcomings, missing major components and shoddy workmanship were discovered.  I have subsequently corrected these problems, and since my purchase in October 2014, I have performed the following on this truck:
  • Removed the old leaking carburetor and installed a freshly rebuilt NH carburetor
  • Most of the electrical wiring has been replaced, to include lights, timer, ignition.  The horn wires and battery to starter cable was in good shape and was not replaced. None of the headlights or tail lights were hooked up, and many parts were missing from the lighting system, all shortcomings in the light system have been rectified.
  • The emergency brake shoes and linkages were missing, I replaced the entire emergency brake system to include shoes, pads, linkages.
  • The truck had an inferior distributor and coil conversion, I removed this system and returned it to original rebuilt buzz coils and new ignition timer and ignition wires.
  • The ignition was jerry rigged by an amatuer mechanic to run the engine only if the lights were turned on with a jump wire,  since no ignition key was sold with the vehicle.  I obtained the correct key, and returned the ignition to standard Ford configuration.
  • The truck was missing the hood and both doors, I installed new hood and installed new wood doors with original-type Model T hardware.
  • The leaking and corroded exhaust system was replaced, including the manifold, exhaust pipe, tail pipe and muffler.
  • The existing slipshod floorboards were replaced with correctly configured plywood and poplar materials.
  • The driveshaft pulley was terribly bent and out of balance, and was replaced.
  • A small 15″ wooden poorly functioning aftermarket steering wheel was replaced with the original Fordite steering wheel, and the wobbly steering column was reinforced for improved stability.
The previous owner claimed the following:
  • New tires and tubes was claimed.  I found some minor age cracks in the rear tires, but virtually no wear on them, and the front tires appear to have no wear, either.  While these tires are not new, they have exceedingly low mileage if any mileage at all on them.
  • Good front end was claimed.  I discovered some movement in the tie rod bushings, but it shouldn’t significantly impede the functioning of the front suspension system.
  • Rebuilt engine with new babbitt bearings was claimed.  I did not disassemble the engine to verify this, but when I ran it during my inspection it ran perfectly, with no noises, vibrations or visible emissions.  I am pleased with the condition of the engine, and have no reason to doubt that it has been rebuilt with very little wear since its rebuild.
  • The magneto was claimed to have been removed.  I verified that there is no magneto function.

The tank on the back is divided into three sections, with no valves at the bottom of each.  Upon inspection, each tank has apparently been out of commission for an extended period, and all three sections would require sealing and valve installation prior to use.  Since this vehicle is 90 years old, I would suspect that its days of hauling 300 gallons of oil/gas are well behind it, and I would not recommend trying to press this vehicle back into service unless the tanks have been completely redone, the leaf springs replaced and the wheel hubs replaced and wooden wheel spokes replaced at a minimum.  My best guess as to its current capacity would be perhaps using only one of the three sections, or no more than 150 gallons, max.  

I discovered upon inspection a metal plaque indicating that this truck was at one time part of a truck fleet owned by Sinclair Refining Company.  Although this could not be historically verified, all evidence present on the truck including the era correct tank suggests that it is entirely possible that this truck was original commissioned as a fuel hauler.  Accordingly, I took the liberty in ordering Sinclair Dino gasoline decals for the tank.  Although the decal itself was not available until 1934, recall that this would have been during the depths of the Great Depression, and rather than many companies ordering new 1930’s Ford Model AA vehicles,  it was exceedingly common that a truck fleet of 10 years old as this one would have been at the time was kept in service.  
IMPORTANT NOTE: I purchased this truck from an individual in Oklahoma and received a notarized bill of sale along with an Oklahoma title that had been filled in by the guy I bought it from as the new owner, but this individual never processed the title into his name.  The eventual buyer needs to be aware that the title is in the name of two prior owners ago (including me), has been signed over to the last buyer, who subsequently provided me this unprocessed OK title along with a notarized bill of sale.  UPON SALE, ONLY BILL OF SALE AND EXISTING OKLAHOMA TITLE WILL BE PROVIDED TO BUYER. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ULTIMATE BUYER TO PROCESS THESE EXISTING DOCUMENTS FOR TITLING PURPOSES.  NO OTHER DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE, AND NONE WILL BE PROVIDED OTHER THAN THESE TWO MENTIONED HERE.

1924 Ford Model TT tanker eBay photos 0171924 Ford Model TT tanker eBay photos 011
1924 Ford Model TT tanker eBay photos 001

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