1923 Dodge Brothers Touring – “Suzy”

This old beauty was our first antique car, and it ran like a top for the four years we owned it.  Originally purchased as a birthday present for my wife, it eventually became just a weekend tourer that I used to tag along with my fellow Model T Ford Club, Int’l – Fox Valley Chapter members.  The farthest trip Suzy completed was from Outside Chicago to Clinton, Iowa, or approximately a 200 mile round trip.

I did not have to restore this car, as it was reasonably intact when I purchased it in July 2006, but significant small items needed attention before it became reliable enough to tour with.  It was sold with some regret to a gentleman in the Czeck Republic in October, 2010.  This was the car that got oldmotorsguy interested in old motors. 

By oldmotorsguy

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