1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle convertible – “Herbie”

Although ‘oldmotorsguy’ (that’s me) normally handles only antique cars of 1930 vintage and before, this little cutie slipped into my production lineup as an exception.  I had been commissioned to provide an old friend’s college age daughter a dependable old Volkswagen beetle (the original bug, not the new ones) that she could use in and around her campus in Michigan.  I found this car in Newport Beach, California and was fairly pleased with its condition.  Being from CA, very little rust other than some surface spots here and there was found.  The engine had recently been rebuilt, and the interior was in outstanding condition, once I removed the hideous surfer-style seat covers (they were so ugly, I can’t include a photo without cringing).

As things would turn out, the college age daughter would fail to come up with the money to reimburse me, so sadly I put it up for sale on eBay, and it landed a respectable $8,250, versus the approx. $6,500 I had into it to that point, to include a new front window seal, a chip repaired in the front windshield, a paint touch up, and the windshield washer mechanism replaced along with the radio antenna.  It turned out nicely, and it turned quite a few of the teenage girls heads here in the neighborhood, and “Herbie” clearly was a girly car that ultimately went to a gal out in Michigan.

By oldmotorsguy

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