1926 Ford Model T Coupe – ‘Chloe’

This nice old car was a real looker when I purchased it locally around Thanksgiving, 2010, and my daughter promply dubbed it ‘Chloe’ (pronounced KLOW’-ee).  When I was going over the car at the sellers garage prior to buying it, I noticed that it was very loud and looked at the muffler to see DSC_0567that it was in need of replacement.  The engine was also painted black, a common engine color chosen by amateur mechanics over the years, but incorrect: the engines rolling out of the Model T Ford factory in Dearborn, MI from 1908 through 1925 were not painted at all, and were simply a grey cast iron in appearance.  In 1926, Hank Ford started painting his engines what is now called ‘Antique Ford Green,’ and he used this color for the remainder of the Model T run through 1927, and on all of his Model A engines from 1928 through 1931, in addition to a few later year engines as well.

Accordingly, all I had to do was change the engine color to its correct antique Ford green, spiff up a few components here and there and this one sold quickly.

Some of the minor items that had to be changed out to return Chloe to original were the following:

DSC_0576* spark plug wires

* fuel shutoff and sediment bowl

* steel gas line from bowl to carb

* hose clamps on radiator hoses

* passenger door lock and key

* rear view mirror

* cowl gasket for tank lid

* although not original, I added a driver side rear view mirror and brake light for driveability’s purposes.

* with most of the cars I acquire, the spare tire (if present) is always flat, and accordingly I had to replace the tube and flap (which was missing).

By oldmotorsguy

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