1922 Ford Model T Touring – sold

DSC_0045Here are a few photos of a 1922 Ford Model T Touring, purchased about a year ago and kept in storage until recently. The car is most certainly a driver,and  not a show car.  Body is quite rough in places but is intact and original.  Paint was done by an amateur several years ago but is a ‘twenty footer.’  Once warmed up, visible emissions are evident from a fairly well running engine with recent rebuild on carb.  New wiring, new headlight reflectors, relatively new top, upholstery and tires.  A few button caps missing from font seat, some minor damage to the interior fabric of the top, and a very small crack in the corner of one of the windshield panes, but otherwise pretty straight.  Minor oil leaks (what Model T doesn’t), but all in all a good running car.

I had purchased this car in Dayton, Ohio last year and had planned on restoring it to its former glory: rebuild the engine, restore the metal work and body damage, and repaint.  Alas, the car kept slipping to the back burner, and accordingly just sat in my storage facility, racking up storage rental fees onto its cost basis.  After careful consideration, I decided to put it up for sale, and as luck would have it, the former owner in Dayton saw the eBay listing, had missed having it around and bought it back.

ADSC_0057s they say, all’s well that ends well.  I am glad that this nice old car is back home.


By oldmotorsguy

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