1924 Ford Model T Roadster – sold

This car is one of the finest restorations I have done to date, I am very proud of this effort.  When I bought it from a car dealer in Cleveland, OH, it had many issues but was amazingly intact and still had many of the original components to include the original top, original seat and original pane windshield plates.  The engine had an annoying tick that I thought might be a simple valve adjustment at the time, but turned into something a bit more complicated: two broken timing gear teeth on the original fiber timing gear.  What I had hoped would be a little minor engine work turned into a rebuild. 007 (2)  009

Additionally, I was hoping I could simply use a lot of rubbing compound and a bucket or two of elbow grease to bring back the shine in what turned out to be original paint, but that effort fell completely flat and I had the car repainted.  The top and upholstery, while original, were entirely worn out and raggedy and accordingly I replaced those components as well, in addtion to another list of parts about as long as my arm.

Included on that list but not a comprehensive list:

  • Repaired torn insulation on about 8 of the 12 coils on the coil ring
  • New rings
  • New exhaust manifold
  • Replaced warped head with reconditioned and milled head, new copper head gasket
  • Lapped and adjusted the valves
  • Replaced the timing gear
  • Adjusted and re-shimmed all bearings
  • Removed the black paint from wheel spokes, stained and varnished
  • Removed old tires and replaced with new white Firestone tires including spare
  • Installed rebuilt carburetor
  • Installed rebuilt generator
  • Repaired faulty ignition coils and coil box
  • Replaced worn original radiator with new radiator
  • Repaired ignition and starter switches
  • Repaired non-operational headlights and installed missing tail light
  • Re-lined parking brakes with new lining and rivets
  • Repacked front Timkin wheel bearings
  • Replaced all hoses and fan belt
  • Removed faulty water pump and returned system to original
  • Replaced interior dash panel that had way too many holes drilled into it, it was completely ruined
  • New interior kick panels
  • New seat upholstery
  • New back seat upholstery
  • New floor mat
  • Repaired original floor boards
  • Repaired original top bow and irons
  • New top

012 016 017

In the end, this car is a real looker.  I am extremely pleased at how this beautiful car looks now, I am confident the new owner will be extremely pleased with this nice antique automobile.

By oldmotorsguy

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