1935 Chrysler Airstream Touring Sedan – sold

DSC_00201935 Chrysler Airstream Touring Sedan.  This great looking car was restored to near original condition around the late 1980’s or early-to-mid 1990’s.  The gentleman I purchased it from owned it from 1996 and had taken great care of it, using it rarely in parades and a few car club functions.  This older restoration still looks in excellent condition and runs and drives smoothly.  It has an in-line 6 cylinder engine, with a three-speed manual transmission with overdrive.  It appears that a hydraulic brake booster has been added to the brakes, and gives an assist in bringing this 3,050 pound car to a stop without great effort. 

Of significant note, when I parked this car in my wife’s spot in the garage while I worked on some minor mechanical issues after I purchased the car, and after I drove the car to test all of systems, it appears there are absolutely zero fluid leaks: no rear end or oil pan leaks, no anti-freeze, no leaks of any kind were present on the garage floor when I moved the vehicle after about a week of minor maintenance in this one location.  Ordinarily, 80 year old machines almost always leak something, but not this old beauty. 

The previous owner tells me that he had recently spent $1100 on the brakes, and from what I can tell from driving the car, and by the way it stops it appears money well spent.  The engine starts immediately when cold with a manual choke, and warms up quickly.  No noises, unusual vibrations or visible emissions are present, and it runs quietly and smoothly.  All gauges work as they should, and while the speedo works OK, it makes noise at certain speeds. The paint is a lacquer application as was popular in older restoration, and is checking most noticeably on the front passenger door and passenger side hood section, in addition to nicks and scratches in the paint in other areas but it really does not detract from a general excellent appearance overall.  A truly nice looking car that has been superlatively maintained over its lifetime.  There is virtually no rust anywhere, and looking at the undercarriage suggests this car was never run in foul weather, and as of the last 25 years has been a relative trailer queen more than a daily driver.

The following are items that are non-operational, but may disappear from the listing as I am continually working on these items:

  • Turn signal lever has broken off.  Accordingly, I can’t tell if the turn signals work or not, but I am in the process of correcting this.  Turn signals were not OEM to this car. 
  • Heater is not connected to the cooling system. ( IMHO, this car is way too nice to be run in the cold weather anyway, but that’s just me.)
  • AM radio is non-operational, but all the components seem present and intact.
  • The speedometer/cable make noise at certain speeds.
  • Fog lights (aftermarket additions) are non-operational 
  • Rear passenger compartment overhead light is non-operationalDSC_0023DSC_0032DSC_0032DSC_0039
By oldmotorsguy

One comment on “1935 Chrysler Airstream Touring Sedan – sold

  1. Have sold mine back to the original owner’s grandson after enjoying motoring around New Zealand over 30 year period. Purchased from original owner’s family (estate) in the mid 80s. What a great family car believed to be on of only three every imported intoNew Zealand (right hand drives).

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