1925 Ford Model T Coupe – sold

1925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 0221925 Ford Model T Coupe, commonly referred to as a ‘doctor’s coupe’ back in the day, this nice old antique is in excellent condition, recently restored.  

I purchased this car several months ago and it was in relatively good condition when I bought it, and appeared to have had an easy existence.  Much of the car is original and virtually rust-free,  several restoration/repair items have been performed to include:
  • Engine has been disassembled and gone through for any significant problems.  New rings were installed, valves were lapped and adjusted, bearing clearances were adjusted/shimmed to the specified 15/1000″ clearance, cylinder head was resurfaced, new nickel plated head bolts and copper gasket installed.  When I purchased the car, I discovered that the original 1925 short block was severely cracked and the cylinder head was warped, and was no longer serviceable, and was replaced by a serviceable 1921 era short block and cylinder head.  The original damaged short block has been retained, and can be purchased separately and shipped separately from this eBay listing, please contact seller if the original block is needed for authenticity purposes, and seller can price this damaged block for sale and shipment based on location of the ultimate purchaser.  
  • All tires including spare have virtually zero miles on them, although they were installed at some point in the past by the previous owner(s), and are road ready.  All rims including spare rim have been serviced to insure reliability and all wood spokes have been checked for tightness and re-varnished with 4 coats of spar varnish.
  • New radiator installed
  • Brake light actuated by foot pedal added for safety during operation, was not original equipment
  • All three locks have keys and function as they should: ignition, passenger door and trunk.
  • Coils have been tested, tuned and are functioning perfectly
  • Runs on both battery and magneto
  • Minor upholstery upgrades, although the existing upholstery is in very good condition with no tears or fraying apparent.
  • Fresh trunk liner and carpet installed
  • Door panels re-upholstered
  • All windows adjusted, serviced, lubricated and all 5 moving windows function as they should
  • Carburetor rebuilt
  • Generator cleaned and brushes cleaned and reinstalled for maximum performance1925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 027
This nicely restored car runs, cools, stops and starts as it should, all systems including headlights, tail light and brake light, map light on dash and generator all function well and it is a reliable touring vehicle, and it does not appear to have excessive mileage on most of the components of the vehicle.  Minor issues include a few oil leaks (standard on all Model T’s), and is equipped with a non-original horn although the horn present is era correct.  Many knowledgeable antique car enthusiasts have insisted that this 1925 model year Ford did not come with cowl mounted oil lanterns as standard equipment.  I researched this issue, and have determined that indeed these functioning oil lamps were standard on all 1925 Model T’s that were not equipped with optional generators.  This car’s lamps are authentic original equipment, and are in excellent working condition, with fresh oil and wicks that are ready to light when needed.  Additional comments have been made by the same knowledgeable enthusiasts regarding the wooden spokes on the standard equipment wheels: Henry Ford had them all painted black.  These spokes were originally painted black, and one of the prior owners took painstaking efforts to remove the paint and stain and varnish the original hickory hardwood.  I personally prefer this look to the standard black paint, and chose to leave them as they are, even though this is not how the factory produced them.  Certainly if this is an issue with any subequent buyer as to originality, these spokes can be repainted black without much problem or cost.
Sold on an ‘as is, where is’ basis with bill of sale only and Alabama registration certificate.  I purchased this car from an individual in Alabama who provided the registration document but insisted that no title was issued for cars of this age by the State of Alabama.  Accordingly, no title will be issued with sale, but likely the subsequent buyer will not have an issue registering this car and obtaining a title in states that require such documentation.1925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 0321925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 0561925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 0441925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 019
1925 Model T Coupe - eBay photos 031
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