1916 Willys Overland Model 75 Touring – sold

1916 Willys Overland Model 75 Touring car, rust free 100 year old vehicle which spent much of its life in Utah and Texas.  Much has been restored recently and some of the features of this car include:

  • Upholstery
  • Engine – new aluminum pistons,  recent  re-build
  • New Firestone tires and tubes
  • Fresh convertible top
  • Freshly sealed gas tank – lifetime warranty to buyer (non-transferrable)
  • Clear Texas title
DSC_0285The overall condition of the car is very good, with most of the components either in good original condition or restored in the recent past.  The previous owner(s) installed modern fuse box with modern circuit breakers for each circuit on the car, along with a main circuit breaker.  While not original, these improvements to the electrical system make the car more reliable for touring.  Additionally, the original glass windshield was missing, and has been replaced with new safety glass. 
The vehicle had a cylinder head gasket leak when I purchased it a few months ago, and I removed the cylinder head to determine the cause.  It was at this time that I noticed the new aluminum pistons which had no carbon build-up, and the honing marks were still visible on the cylinder walls, verifying that the engine had likely just been rebuilt and the rings had not even seated yet. DSC_0290 I would conclude that the car has not been driven since the engine was re-built, and no cylinder head gasket sealer was used on the new copper gasket, which some mechanics swear is the correct way to install these gaskets.  I am a firm believer in Perma-Tex high temperature copper gasket spray, which I applied liberally to both sides of the gasket and re-installed.  It corrected the leak, and the engine runs fine.  


2 comments on “1916 Willys Overland Model 75 Touring – sold

    • Bought the top irons at a garage sale, ordered a 1916 top canvas from Cartouche that was designed for a Ford Model T, trimmed it up to fit this car. The top irons are of unknown origin, but you could retro fit the Model T top irons for a ‘one man’ style top, also available from various Model T vendors, you are looking at $2K plus in materials, give or take.

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